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*All the below itineraries are just a suggestion and are always subjected to the weather conditions of the area during the charter.


Greece is one of the top sailing destinations in the world. Combining nature and culture this small country with great history, will warmly welcome you for an unforgettable experience. Over 5.000 islands and islets(only 227 of them are inhabited) , 7500 km of coast line and ideal winds for sailing, combine the perfect scenery for your holidays in the land of the Gods.

There are five main sailing areas in the Greek territory which are: The Saronic&Argolic Gulf ,The Cyclades island complex, The Sporades Islands, The Dodecanese in the Aegean Sea and The Ionian Islands complex in the Ionian Sea.

Each destination has its own personal character and history in this crossroad of Western and Easter cultures.

We will be happy to provide you with more information regarding the areas of sailing and help you choose the ideal destination based on your needs.

Cyclades complex, the jewel of the Aegean sea. Santorini ,Mykonos ,Paros, Naksos along with other 220 islands form this group of islands in the Southern middle of the Aegean Sea. Rocky islands , crystal blue waters ,traditional white and blue houses are mixed together in a truly unique landscape and seascape.

A great area to sail near Athens. Calmer sea and winds makes this area ideal for beginner skippers and families. Aegena,Agistri&Moni,Poros,Hydra,Spetses ,Ermioni and Epidavros are some of the places you will visit during your trip. Choosing the Saronic Gulf as a destination will give you the opportunity to explore also the capital of Greece, Athens. Below you can find suggested itineraries for 1 and 2 weeks trip starting and ending in Kalamaki (Alimos) Marina.

Lying in the South East of Greece and in close proximity from the Turkish coasts, the Dodecanese is a truly amazing place. The Dodecanese (literal meaning twelve islands) is a group of twelve large islands and 150 smaller ones such as Rhodes, Kos, Lipsi, Leros, Patmos.

Situated in the western side of Greece, the Ionian Islands are going to offer a different trip experience from the Islands of the Aegean sea ,due to their unique landscape and traditional customs. The winter rainfalls, endow the area with dense vegetation and green color is perfectly combined with blue in all Ionian islands .You will come up with some of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean such as, Myrtos in Kefalonia, Porto Katsiki in Lefkas and Navagio in Zanynthos (Zante).

This small island complex is formed by the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skyros. Forest of pine trees and green waters are the characteristic of this area. Winds in general are not so strong in this part of the Aegean sea, which makes it an ideal place for families .It is also a very good starting point in order to explore Chalkidiki (Northen Greece) in a two weeks charter.