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  • Unique experience
Life on a sailing yacht is something completely different from what you have experienced so far. Imagine waking up in an unspoiled bay ,over crystal clear waters, making a quick swim and then enjoying your breakfast with your family or friends under the blue sky ,away from noisy cities. Let the wind guide you to your next destination and after a short period of time you will find your next perfect spot to moor.
  • Explore multiple destinations and unreachable areas
Having your own yacht gives you numerous benefits that you cannot find in any other type of vacation. Visit multiple, adverse destinations and places that are not accessible from the land. Feel the thrill of sailing and hear the sounds of nature during your trip. Swim every day in a different beautiful sandy beach and explore different locations, having always with you the amenities of a home.
  • Visit cosmopolitan islands
If you and your friends prefer more crowded places simply sail to the nearest harbor, moor next to other fellow sailors and enjoy the local life and luxuries.
  • Sustainability
Sailing is one of the cleanest ways of transportation, using wind as motion power leaves zero carbon footprint and is completely environmental friendly. While sailing, noise is being kept in minimum levels which also helps the preservation of sea's eco-system.

Sailing holidays, one way or another, guarantee you an unforgettable experience. Let us plan the perfect holidays for you!