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Greece in our opinion is the ultimate sailing destination. Greece has one of the largest charter fleet in the world (if not the largest) and this is no coincidence. There is a place for every taste whether you prefer relaxing family holidays, crowded cosmopolitan islands or even a more active sailing experience.
  • 277 in habited islands and more of 5000 islets
It will take many visits in the Greek territory in order to visit every single one of them.
  • Amazing weather and sailing conditions
From mid-April until mid-October the weather in Greece is fantastic .You can choose your ideal period depending on your needs and be sure that the weather will be your ally. Winds are always here to help you move from one place to another. Depending on which month and/or area you choose, wind can be strong enough for demanding yachtsmen.
  • Short distances between islands
Due to Greece's geographic morphology, there is always an island or mainland that can be reached in a short period of time. We can help you plan your trip in a way that will maximize the number of islands you can visit.
  • History
Greece is a country with great history and each corner of it has its own secrets to reveal. Explore ancient temple ruins and visit Byzantine Churches during your sailing trip, combining pleasure with culture.
  • Hospitality and Kitchen
The famous Mediterranean cuisine is always served with a smile in Greece. Local cuisine is one of the healthiest worldwide and it sure tastes fantastic.
  • Sustainability
Choosing Greece for your sailing destination you support small communities outside of the big centers like Athens, which relay, almost completely ,in tourism.Small and family business are being